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Chinese fancy lantern and the ACG 2

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In Chinese fancy lantern and the ACG 1, I have told about the flexibility of wire is not enough to express a complex cartoon character face. Then, how to make a  complex cartoon character face or human face in the lantern festival? The answers are two ways:

1.Use a special FRP  material which is translucent.

  • Merit: Can easliy finished the complex face or other complex shape.
  • Demerits: It’s not the traditional material of making the lantern, cultural connotation is very low.
  • Picture for example: You can see that the fairs faces were  translucent.

    FRP  material lantern-festival

    FRP material

2.Using high-level shape benchworker and art designing try to finished it.

  • Merit: Keeping the Chinese lantern original crafts, it will make many amazing lanterns.
  • Demerits: The product depends on the Chinese Lantern craftsmen, it’s cost much more money than using the FRP  material.
  • Picture for example: This was from Changfeng park of Shanghai Lantern Festival when we were in partnership with Disney.

    High-level Chinese lantern

    High-level Chinese lantern

As crafts of making Chinese lantern progresses, I think there would have much more ways to solve this problem.

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi Chen,

    We are a company doing “家年华” in Malaysia. I am not good in chinese, so I can only write in English.

    We will be doing a festival in Malaysia for mooncake festival in 2011. We are looking for Lantern marker and wuld like to know the pricing of that. Let just say we need a 130cm standing lantern for about 30 piece. Please let me know the details for our further discussion. Thank you.


  2. Risa Harada says:

    Hi Daniel

    My spoken English is poor.
    Please contact my email

    Thank you ^^

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