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Chinese fancy lantern and the ACG 1

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My job is about the Chinese fancy lantern fair, and my hobby is ACG. What is the ACG, that include anime comic and games called cartoon. I always want to add many ACG element into the Lantern Festival.

But it’s not easy to do it, the reason is the step of making the Chinese fancy lantern – Modeling and welding. As we know, the Chinese Lantern displays are modeling and welding with the wire,(the steps in the Chinese Lantern craft) but the flexibility of wire is not enough to express a complex cartoon character face. Only that round and square faces can easy to make, for example Kitty, Gundam,and so on. May some one ask that if you must make a complex face, how to make it in the lantern festival?

It’s time to sleep, I’ll talk about it tomorrow.

Doraemon  lantern

Doraemon lantern Japan

gundam lantern

gundam lantern Taiwan

kitty lantern

kitty lantern Singapore

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