Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 1991 3rd

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Base on the experience from the 2nd Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival, the 3rd Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival was lager scale than before. It open in February 5 1991, close in march 11, lasted thirty-four days.

The International Dinosaur Lantern Festival this achieved remarkable results in economic and trade fairs mainly in:

  1. In this session, the Chinese Lantern Fesitival exhibited 182 large-scale lanterns and 2500 palace lanterns, including 22 lanterns came frome America, Canada, Japan, Singapore, England, Russia, Italy, Hongkong etc., which attracted viewers more than 1,300,000. At the same time, Zigong held a lot of activites, such as “seven colour” Large-scale performance, mass theatrical performances weeks,a series of programs rehearsed by Group of Sichuan Opera Show joint Song and Dance Ensemble Troupe, Circus. It was received widely welcomed by the masses. And the elegant style of the National Invitational Exhibition of Chinese ink painting has attracted wide art lovers.
  2. To use the lantern as a medium for raising funds from domestic and foreign, achieved remarkable results. Total turnover of the economic and trade fairs throughout the more than 1.8 billion yuan.
  3. Well-known at home and abroad into a new stage of renowned Chinese and foreign
  4. Commercial, food service industry have a new start.
  5. Opened up the lantern light show of new art and territories

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