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Shanghai Disney Lantern Festival

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In  2005, Shanghai held a very large-scale Lantern Festival about the Disney for popularizing it to more Chinese people. We were very honored to make lanterns for this great event.

Shanghai Disney Lantern Festival showed more than 30 Disney stories, about 34 scenes of Disney stories with lanterns exhibited in Changfeng Park in 2005, Shanghai. And it held on evening of April 28, lasted itno June.

All these colorful and huge cartoon characters lantern were of the same size of the ones in the Disney Land, and combine with the lake, trees, lawns, hills in the park harmoniously. Each scene area will cover from 150 to 200 square meters.

In comparison with the one held in Singapore, Changfeng Park, which included a lake, was more suitable for a Disney Lantern Festival. Shanghai Disney Lantern Festival is the biggest one in Disney history.

Here is some production finished pictures of Shanghai Disney Lantern Festival.

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