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Lantern Festival SAFARI 2005 in Singapore Chinese Garden

Each year, Singapore Chinese Garden is transformed into a magical land of lights and lanterns during Chinese mid-autumn (Lantern) Festival in August / September. Lantern Festival SAFARI 2005 in Singapore Chinese Garden aslo opened at the Mid-Autumn Festival. According to the name – Lantern Festival SAFARI, we kown that year’s theme was about the safari. That was the largest Chinese Lantern...

Greater Vancouver International Lantern Festival

Greater Vancouver International Lantern Festival was the Chinese Lantern Festival which display in Western Canada for the first time in 2008. It started from July 1st to September 21st, 2008. I think it is held for the Toronto Chinese Lantern Festival‘s great success, but due to lack of preparation and funding, the final results are not satisfactory It was up to 56 well-designed lanterns in...

2008 Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival

Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival 2008 in Toronto start from July 31. This celebration of Chinese craftsmanship and culture light up the Ontario Place waterfront until October 12, 2008. This year’s theme is about the architectural wonders of the world and the world’s animals in the seven continents . The motto was ‘light your dream’. 2008 Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival By The Numbers 68:...

2007 Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival

Each year, the  Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival takes place at Ontario Place on Toronto’s waterfront. 2007 Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival was between July 19 and October 7, 2007. It records 40 displays, which focuses on three major Chinese dynasties, the Qin, Tang and Song. Chinese lantern pavillion The Chinese Lantern Festival took place at Ontario Place, it is near the site of the Canadian...

2006 Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival

Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival 2006 was between July 19 and October 11. It is the cultural exchange of programs between the two countries, China and Canada. Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival it is the largest Chinese folk arts and crafts activities in the Western Hemisphere this year.  The theme of this event was about Chinese traditional culture. And Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival got more than 200,000...

Toronto Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival

The Toronto Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival is a festival at Ontario Place in Canada.  Sponsored by Rogers Media, the Chinese Lantern Festival is the biggest festival of lanterns outside Asia. The lanterns – large illuminated and animated displays often with a metal frame covered with paper and plastic – can be as high as 50 feet and also as long as 300 feet. The Toronto event is based...

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