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Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 2001 7th

The 7th Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 2001 was lasted 46days,  from the January 18 2001 to the March 4 2001.  This year Zigong received  a total of 250,000 tourists, and exhibiting a  total of 69 lantern complexs, 1000 crafts lanterns and 2500 red traditional lanterns. During the Lantern Festival 2001, the ticket sales achieved 300 million yuan,  more than 30 million yuan investment...

Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 2000 6th

The 6th Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival started from January 28, 2000 to April 2  in Zigong. The Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival this year received more than 60 million viewers, the ticket sales about 6.1 million yuan, advertising and investment income about 2 million yuan, it achieved a good economic and social benefits. Tian'an men Lantern complex

Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 1998 5th

After the 4th Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 1994. Four years later, the 5th Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival started 21 January to 9 March1998 , lasted 48 days. This year Zigong has received Chinese and foreign guests about 80 million, trade turnover reached 2.39 billion yuan. This is the highlights lantern in this year, the Aoshan lantern, you can see a Ju-ao was carrying...

Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 1994 4th

1994 January 21 to March 13, lasted 41 days of the 4th Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 1994 came to an end. The 4th Zigong Lantern Festival received a total of 800,000 tourists trips, the direct economic income of 400 million yuan. Economic and trade activities reached a total turnover of 1.4 billion. Major achievements of the 4th Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 1994 ...

Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 1991 3rd

Base on the experience from the 2nd Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival, the 3rd Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival was lager scale than before. It open in February 5 1991, close in march 11, lasted thirty-four days. The International Dinosaur Lantern Festival this achieved remarkable results in economic and trade fairs mainly in: In this session, the Chinese Lantern Fesitival...

Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 1988 2rd

After the 1st Lantern Festival open in 1978, ten years later, The 2nd Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival was held in Zigong People Park in February 1st, 1988. There were 78 exhibitors, more than 30 large-scale color archs, 100 larger-scale lanterns and 3000 palace lanterns in the Exhibition. This session’s spirit is “To grow the economic with culture, to combine the economic...

Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 1978 1st

The 1st Zigong Dinosaur International Lantern Festival 1978 starts from  January 10, 1978, exhibiting about 50 days. For using the lantern as a medium for making friends with people, to revive the economy. Changing the traditional Lantern Festival into a new integrated activities. This session of the Lantern Festival, there were about 84 enterprises and individuals, many friends from Japan and America...

Zigong Lantern Festival

Today, we talk about the hometown of Chinese Lantern Festival, the name is ‘Zigong Lantern Festival‘. The fancy lanterns were well-known in both ancient and modern times in China, and the Zigong Lantern Festival has a great reputation. The wise people in Zigong is not only unparalleled techniques of salts in the world, but also the wonderful fancy lantern crafts to humans. The Lantern Festival...

Singapore Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival 2007 – Magic Ocean

In 2007 Singapore, the Chinese Garden has hold an Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival – Magic Ocean ( The mid-autumn festival is a Chinese traditional festival that is celebrated by hanging colorful lanterns and eating moon cakes ). lantern festival singapore 2007 This year, lantern displays were put up not only in the Chinese Garden, but also at Chinatown and the Singapore River. The theme of this lantern...

Related Activities of Chinese Lantern Festival Overseas

The traditional Chinese folk art is different in style and number. The related cultural activities is composed of various performances and folk activities, successfully present the deep traditional Chinese culture to the world, erecting a bridge between enriching the world culture and promoting exchanges of mankind civilization. Related Activities of Lantern Festival You can click on the following...

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