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Lantern Festival SAFARI 2005 in Singapore Chinese Garden

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Each year, Singapore Chinese Garden is transformed into a magical land of lights and lanterns during Chinese mid-autumn (Lantern) Festival in August / September. Lantern Festival SAFARI 2005 in Singapore Chinese Garden aslo opened at the Mid-Autumn Festival. According to the name – Lantern Festival SAFARI, we kown that year’s theme was about the safari. That was the largest Chinese Lantern Festival in the world before 2005.

Chinese Garden 2005 map

Chinese Garden 2005 map

In Chinese Garden, there was 1100 pieces of lanterns, there were 23 awesome themese of lanterns. China Zigong’s lantern experts gathered there, show the best Chinese lantern art to the visitors. Finally,this Chinese Lantern Festival (Lantern SAFARI the mythical archa)had a big success.

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