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Beijing Lantern Festival

Beijing is the capital of China, we held Lantern Festival very frequently for its cultural background in Beijing, the technological level of Beijing Lantern Festival is one of the most top Lantern Festival outside Zigong.

As we know, the Lantern Festival was held in the 15th day of Chinese new year, but in recent years, the Lantern Festival was not only held in the 15th day but also held in anytime which was worth celebrating. For example Return of Hong Kong, Beijing Olympic Games, World Expo.

In Beijing 2008, there held maximum quantity of Lantern Festival for the Olympic Games in history, we were very honored to made many lanterns for this great event.

Here is our Lantern Festival project pictures which we made in Longtan park of Beijing 2008, we made about 30 lantern complex and 200 lanterns there.

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